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Male Escorts Sydney – Adam

I’m a 28 years old man working in the industry of information technology as a programer in Sydney.

I work from Monday to Friday and can be your escort after work or on weekends.

I’m from Asia and I have overseas working experience.

I’m not tall and I look younger than I am, so I look like a big boy in your neighbours’ house.

I can have dinner with you, go shopping with you carrying your bags, watch movies with you in cinemas, cook diverse dishes for you at home, play tennis with you, and do many other activities you like, as if I’m your boyfriend or your son.

I’m happy to meet your need should you have any requirements of intimate contact. However, I don’t provide bdsm service.

My price is: social date $150/hr, full date $300/hr.

The fee may vary if you have special requirements. Welcome to discuss with me and we’ll make an agreement on the service and fee.

My contact number is 0466 238 876.

I may not answer your call or reply your message immediately, since I have a full time job and I have to keep a regular schedule. However I will reply to you as soon as I have chance.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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