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Male Escorts Sydney – Tim Cooper

Sometimes we just want to fulfil an intimate thought, touch or be touched, or feel a sense of freedom that we may have lost…
Tim is fit and healthy, articulate, travelled, and easy-going. He offers discreet, personal and intimate services, and can facilitate an escape from the grind of daily life or fulfil an intimate desire.

Independence means that his rates are below comparable agency fees. Though it’s completely up to you, two to three hour bookings are a good balance; any less can be a little rushed, any more is perhaps best saved for next time.

Tim takes great care of his body, health, hygiene and appearance. He offers absolute discretion; his privacy and yours are important.

Tim can be contacted on 0412 296 247 (preferably, initially by text) or via email at

Please feel free to drop him a line with any questions you might have.

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