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Male Escorts Sydney – Mark

So you are thinking about something happening for your pleasure. I maybe the man to meet with. I live in the city. No more than 30 minutes away from the major hotels, not as fast as uber eats, to some hotels, but as fast to some.

You may wake up out of time zone, you may have had a glass of wine with lunch or after work and your mind has wandered to the what about question? You may wake up thinking hmmmm this morning would be a great way to start with some personal pleasure…You have probably looked and thought about this before or had the experience, so maybe it is time to think about the why not?

So lets start with a text……. something simple such as “Hi” nothing more and see what happens, if there is a bit of a click….. we may not meet this time and just exchange some good texts…. something to think about, raise the curiosity, enjoy the distractions in the mind for next time. We may meet this time, depends on you.

This is about you, from flirty chat, a drink, then a meeting for pleasure for you, not me.

Personally I enjoy the company of women of all ages and description from 30’s to 70’s, from size 8 to plus size, bbw.

I enjoy the mental stimulation the tease, the flirt the exchange of chat that starts the mind to race the journey to the event. So really it is all about you with me. So when you are ready read on, let the mind wander and perhaps let’s play.

Whatever you personal situation or feelings this is a chance to privately gather “me” time and a journey of personal discovery. You may have read erotic literature and now want to discover or simply have been curious or just plain horny for some time. Whatever may be driving your personal quest then I am here to privately, gently and at your speed discover yourself.  This really about you.
For me it is about giving the most pleasurable satisfaction, your intimate pleasure, not mine. Watching and listening as to how you respond to the touch of fingers or the long lick of a tongue that leads to the  quick intake of  breath, not a gasp, well not yet, but the gradual building of a feeling. as you gradually let go in a quest for pleasure the pace quickens, fingers rush, touch accelerates feelings surge, searching, the body caressed. Pleasure found for you………..

I would describe myself as tall dark, handsome (?) hazel eyes, 6’2 good physique, no six pack or waxing though, non smoker, light drinker. University educated professional British gentleman who has a few hours available to take you on a journey of discovery.

Their is plenty of stamina, you can discover if big hands and big feet complete the set. Very clean, very discreet, always showered, Sydney based prof man available for ALL women.

Are you interested?  This is the pleasure I adore to give you. Ready? Then lets chat, details are below.

Plenty of pictures available. Clean shaven, no tattoos, well dressed, safe practices and very very discreet! Contact to discuss your desire. Available early morning to late as well as day times.


  • Deep open mouth, long kisses
  • giving oral, to  a complete climax, including the important pause…..
  • massaging your g-spot
  • Cuddling
  • stroking/touching
  • listening
  • post coital chats
  • massage
  • sex when you are ready.

It is all about your personal pleasure. About 30% of all relationships are sexless, I know and have experienced this feeling first hand.

1 hour: $200
2 hours: $350
3 hours: $500

Interested then drop me a note and lets chat. 

Can travel interstate if interested, Sunday to Thursday. Often travel overseas if you want to join me.

Contact me directly on: 0448859786

Or via e-mail:

Or via Kik on Look269

Look forward to hearing from you then.


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