Premium Male Escort – Lorenzo

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Premium Male Escort – Lorenzo

If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know.


Hi ladies,
While I am very excited to be meeting you soon it’s only right to spread some details about me. My name is Lorenzo and I hail all the way from Colombia, South America. If you have Latin Fever, I think I can possibly cure you.

I love engaging likeminded conversations with a dose of my cheekiness.
Gin is my favorite drink and Salsa is my favorite dance.
Both of those go quite well together!

I come from a professional background in Liquor as a specialist. If Gin is not your thing, allow me to expand your knowledge on the alcoholic drinks you’ve always known. Aside from the party and social vibes I’m giving off right now, the beach, reading books, stretching and meditation are also things I truly enjoy (and pancakes with ice cream + Nutella!).

I’m not too much a fan of egotistic environments, flashing money or pretending to enjoy myself.
If I am spending large amounts of money, it’s usually on new experiences (vacation time?).

Ladies, please feel free to contact me any day of the week. Email or txt is no issue.
Wishing to hear from you soon.

Service is for FEMALES ONLY. 100% discretion assured.

Contact me directly via:


Mob: 0423587677

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