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Premium Male Escort – Resin Evans

I am 100% heterosexual and 187 cm tall. And charming to attract anyone. I have always been a talented and hard-working student. I play guitar and I can sing. Was a star of the class. Had lots of good friends that states that I don’t envy anyone. I am good with everyone. Understand the feelings and emotions of others. Not a person who doesn’t value other people’s feelings.

Many a time it happened that my female friends came to me to share their problems, have a good conversation and solution for their personal problems and I was able to help them in all the situations. I know how to have sexual control. Won’t make the other person feel uncomfortable.

Anyone can trust me with their thoughts and information, I promise to keep it to me. Because of these qualities, I was able to win the hearts of most of the women. Along with solving their problems and sexual needs, I respect them as well.
I have a skinny body with no tattoos on it. I always stay clean and hygienic. And know how to have hygiene sex. I keep my private parts always shaved and clean. I always been a person that is down to earth.

For all your enquiries,

contact me directly at: resinevans@gmail.com

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