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Male Escorts Sydney – Giorgio

Welcome to my profile 🙂
First of all, sorry for hiding my face, my privacy is very important, and yours is not less important than mine.

I am Giorgio Merit, a straight guy with a Spanish and Persian mix. I have lived across four continents, fluent in three languages, seeker of inspiration, what provided me a huge personal development. And wherever I am, I will be inspiring and motivating people to live up to the potential they’ve been gifted.

Starting as a masseur, i was taught by the best masseurs within the atmosphere of the turkish bathrooms in north Africa. And don´t get surprised if you find out my knowledge in very different areas.

I am very balanced, an angel in the companion and less angel in the intimacy. I honestly know how the female mind works (human in general), I read each micro expression, no matter how disguised is. Sometimes i will know what you want meanwhile even you won´t. And with a sharp intellect, you will not get bored. Do you know what most turn us on? It´s to feel desired.The pleasure is in our brain and confident, not in the physical touch.

Are you looking for running around the harbour streets like children one night (maybe after a drink), maybe a companion at a social event, a romantic dinner, theatre, maybe an excited trip or a funny night.

I am genuinely romantic, harmonic and dominant, soft caresses and kisses when least expected, whispering what you like more … may confuse you.

I can definitely understand this can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Please don’t feel embarrassed about that; Treat yourself to something we both know you deserve.

My rates are below the agency fees. Though it’s completely up to you, two to three hour bookings are a good balance; any less can be a little rushed, any more is perhaps best saved for next time.

Trust in me, and let me trust in you.

Don´t hesitate in contact me inquiring about further details or any question. There is no compromise.

Regards. Giorgio.

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