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Premium Male Escort – Jordan Matthews

Hello, I’m Jordan Matthews, male model, Australian fitness and lifestyle icon, world traveller, and eternal seeker of new knowledge and new experiences.

I’m a bit of a mix of your favourite male archetypes. I’m the math nerd, the athlete, the approachable guy next door, and often the bad boy.

When I’m not working or at the gym, you’ll probably find me under a pile of books studying my most recent degree. And if I feel I’ve earned it, you might see me taking a break on the ski slopes in Japan.

I am a great lover of beauty and all the forms it can take. I can admire a beautiful flower or a sunset just as I can appreciate a person or a beautifully designed building.

Having been a male model for more than 10 years shallow societal standards of beauty no longer impress me, and I have come to value the beauty of personality and intelligence over physical appearance.

With a strong interest in history and various cultures around the world, I have been told I possess a wealth of worldly knowledge, never wanting to stop learning and pushing the boundaries of what can be.

You might want a companion at a work event, a debaucherous weekend away, or simply a casual drink and movie. Constantly smiling and with a sharp intellect, I am perfectly at home in any setting.

As an experience seeker I am constantly looking to broaden my horizons and equally enjoy helping people fulfil their own fantasies. I’m sexually experienced, proficient, confident, and dominant.

You won’t have to worry about a thing when we meet. I know all the best places, all the best people, and when we get to the bedroom, I can take the lead and guide you through an experience that will bring a smile to your face every time you think of it for months to come.

Come spend some time with me. Escape the daily grind. Treat yourself to something we both know you deserve. And see what it is that you have felt is missing.

1 Hour $400
2 Hours $800
4 Hour Dinner Date $1200
6 Hour Dinner Date $1500
Overnight $2000
24 Hours $2600

I thoroughly enjoy steamy encounters with couples and if requested, I know plenty of beautiful women I can invite to join the fun.

Based in Sydney, I am available Australia wide and internationally with notice.

Contact me directly via:

Phone: 0413 491 409


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