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Premium Male Escort – Josh

Engaging in regular, fulfilling sex has been proven to reduce stress, relieve headaches and chronic pain, as well as make your skin more vibrant and healthy. I believe that you deserve to build meaningful and emotional connections with someone who will put your needs at the forefront. I work hard inside and outside the bedroom, and can assure you that you will feel confident and at ease to communicate your desires and needs with me. I can be that someone special to have fun with and invigorate your sex life to heights you never imagined possible.

I am tall with a slim build, I am thick where it counts and have strong hands with a gentle touch.

I can be your play-date, toy boy, accessory or bedroom confidant. I am ready to make the shopping mall ours, be your escort to a wedding or your companion at a cooking class.

Lover of music, fashion, walks in the park, whiskey and board games.

Described by many as; wild, fun, dangerous, insightful, confident, creative, gentle and thought-provoking. 

Always impeccably dressed. First timers welcome.


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