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Male Escorts Sydney – Kirth Girsen

Mr KG offers high quality and personalised companionship, for discerning ladies and adventurous couples,
with a broad range of levels of engagement, depending on your expectations, your appetites and your experience.

“I was born French, and came to Australia a few years ago, as a way to get out of the comfort zone and to discover myself.
This country has been incredibly generous to me, I have met wonderful people and enjoyed unique experiences.
Over the years, I have developed a polyamory lifestyle which suits me perfectly. I am blessed with wonderful friends and lovers whom I deeply care for.
This form of emotional engagement and maturity has elevated my mind, my performance on the workplace, my empathetic abilities.
Today, I wish I can bring that to the life of others, help them reconnecting with their libido and their sensuality, feeding their self-esteem, healing their ability to love, making them better and happier souls!”

Feel free to contact me directly via:

Text: 0427392500

E-Mail: kirthgirsen@gmail.com

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