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Male Escorts Sydney – Paulo

I’m a 27 years old male, originally from Brazil but been residing in Australia for over 7 years.

I’m a very enthusiastic and energetic person that is always willing to learn and improve myself in all aspects. I love being outdoors and practicing some of many sports that I get to daily do, otherwise I do enjoy catching up with friends and exploring the country for new adventures.

Super well spoken/dressed and charming with women so I am sure I would enjoy a lot doing this kind of job and make the company grow even more as the better I become.

From being an observant person, I always get to adapt myself and act in a best way possible to make people feel comfortable and due to that opportunities come up towards my way.

I believe women are the most incredible human being in this earth and to clarify it to them is very pleasant + a bit of spicy, charming and making them feel secure is the key to get their attention and heart.

Looking forward to hear from you and please, don’t hesitate to contact for more info.

E-Mail: paul.borgees@hotmail.com

Phone/Text: 0426488401

Kind regards,


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