Male Escort Sydney Clients FAQs

Male Escorts Sydney - male escort client Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal for clients to pay for and receive services from a male escort in Sydney?

Yes it is legal in NSW for clients to receive and pay for services from a male escort’ providing they are over the legal age of consent.

Refer to section 1.3 of the SWOP Sex Industry Legal Kit pdf

2. How much should I pay?

You should discuss and agree on the prices to be paid and the services to be provided prior to meeting for the engagement.

3. Does Sydney Male Escorts make any recommendations, have any affiliations or associations with any of the advertised escorts?

Sydney Male Escorts makes no recommendations, has no affiliation or direct association with any of the male escorts advertised on the website.  We are an independent organization providing website hosting services to independent private male escorts in Sydney.

4. How do I ensure discretion and privacy?

You are dealing directly with the male escort of your choice and in general both discretion and privacy is as important to them as it is to you.

5. What do I do if the male escort does not look like their photo or provide the services agreed on prior to the engagement?

• If they do not look like their photo you have every right to decline their services at no charge.
• If they refuse to perform the services you agreed upon prior to your engagement you cannot coerce or force them to perform those services, you may be able to renegotiate the fee or decline any services at no charge.
• Please report them to us by completing our online enquiry form.

6. How can I ensure my physical safety?

This is the same advice as provided to the male escorts advertised on this website.
• Make sure someone knows where you are and provide them with regular updates.
• Avoid meeting people in strange unsafe places.
• Avoid drunk and drug effected clients.
• Follow your gut, if it feels unsafe don’t do it.

7. What can I expect from an encounter with a male escort advertised on Sydney Male Escorts?

Make sure you discuss your requirements in full with your chosen private male escort prior to the engagement. All of the male escort are completely independent and choose the services they will and will not offer.

8. Can I force a male escort to provide services?

You cannot lawfully coerce or force an escort to provide any services they do not wish to perform.

9. Are the services offered sexual or non-sexual?

All the male escorts advertised on Sydney Male Escorts are independent private male escorts and as such they can offer any services they see fit in accordance with local and federal laws.

10. Where can I get advice?

Agencies such as SWOP provide advice on such things as legal and health issues.

Male Escorts Sydney - Frequently Asked Questions by Sydney Male Escort Clients

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