Male Escorts Sydney The Facts

Male Escorts Sydney The Facts behind the BOOM!

It’s no secret that in pretty much less than one life time the role and expectations of the Western woman has changed significantly in fact in that short period of time it has changed more so than since the beginning of time.

Traditional needs for marriage as a financial support mechanism for women has all but died as women make their own money, carve their own careers, futures and destinies in society, many out earning their male equivalents. If the end goal for marriage was simply children, then there is an option outside of marriage as single motherhood is now socially acceptable whether the motivation single motherhood was a bad relationship or simply not being in a relationship.

Should it not follow that as women rise from the weaker, suppressed gender to that of equality the domains traditionally belonging to males now become the recreational pursuit of women.

Where better to capitalize on this phenomenon than one of the richest per capita affluent cities in the Western world Sydney, Australia. The following article outlines a series of statistical and anecdotal data that supports the claim that there is a boom in women in Sydney seeking the services of Sydney Male Escorts. Although our belief is that in most cases the woman’s motivation to hire the services of a male escort is not quite the same and as base as a male’s motivation to hire an escort, we will leave this as the subject matter of future research.

Before we even delve into any of the supported statistical research readily available, as a general statement any of us that know anything of Sydney would say that Greater Sydney is undoubtedly the highest populated, the most affluent and as such the most expensive city to live in Australia. For many people both familiar and not so familiar with Australia, ask them which city is the Capital and they will instantly mistakenly tell you, it’s Sydney.

Based on the following statistics wouldn’t it make sense that Sydney should be the capital of Australia?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011 census states that Greater Sydney has the largest population of all Australian cities with 4,391,674 people just ahead of Greater Melbourne in second place with a population of 3,999,982.

From an artcle in the Sydney Morning Herald on 1st May 2013 entitled “Incomes soar in Sydney’s best-paid postcode” A remarkable or maybe not so remarkable earning statistic for 2010 – 2011 was that 6 out of the top 10 highest average earning postcodes in Australia were based in Sydney and the number one Australian top average earning residents resided in a Sydney postcode. The very exclusive harbor side postcode of 2027 which includes Darling Point, Edgecliff, Rushcutter Bay and Point Piper took out this honor with the average income of $203,270 per resident. By comparison the average national average income was $51,342 for the same period.

In October 2012 PriceWaterhouseCoopers released a Cities of Opportunities report which states that from 27 of the worldwide leading cities around the world Sydney was ranked as the second most expensive place to live and do business only behind Tokyo Japan.

Out of a population of 4,391,674 in Greater Sydney, 2,162,221 were males and 2,229,453 were females with a median age of 36 years. There were approximately 1,152,548 families suggesting that at least half the population is single. Of those residents 16.9% hold a bachelor level from which the greater number at 53.7% of those people are females.

An article in the Telegraph on 17th July 2012 states that the flashy 2028 postcode just one over from the country’s highest earners in postcode 2027 is home to 2638 women 56.3 percent of that suburbs population. The bottom of the article states that Colleague Lauryn Tinker, 27, said the man drought extended well beyond the boundaries of the eastern suburbs. “I think there’s a serious man drought right across in Sydney in general,” she said. “That’s what all my single girlfriends say.”

Two possible events in history that may have cemented Sydney as the centre of Australian avant-garde culture was firstly the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1931 and the building of the Sydney Opera house commencement 1958, opening in 1973. Both iconic landmarks signs of can do, forward thinking, non-conformist, open mindedness that together in a good way epitomize Sydney people and culture.

Should you consider this statement to be a little outlandish then is it no coincidence that Sydney should become the home to Australia’s gay Mardi Gras with the first march just a few short years after the Sydney Opera House opening on Saturday 24th June 1978 at 10pm.

Although Melbourne continually promotes itself as the centre of Australian culture, extorting its unlimited choices of dining experiences from fine dining including almost every ethnic variant to street dining, its fashion sense to its arts and theatre. Anybody that has spent time in both cities would agree that perhaps although maybe just behind in the fashion stakes possibly due to the lack of distinct seasons, Sydney undoubtedly rivals and if not surpasses Melbourne in its dining, arts and theatre experiences.

Based on Sydney’s flamboyant liberal nature, high percentage of single female graduates in high income positions and an agreed drought of available men are we not surprised that there are nearly twice as many woman in Sydney searching for the services of male escort than those women in Melbourne.

Traditional escort services performed by woman to men have been available just about since the beginning of time and as such although not openly talked about are considered common place and in many circles socially acceptable. This is not true of male escort services for women and why should it be when women have been quite clearly the weaker dominated sex?

In the Western world times have changed considerably, gone are the days where women stay at home to cook, clean and bring up the kids, while men toiled in heavy labor to provide food and shelter for their. The world of equality has arrived! Sexual equality has seen an advancing march since the 1970s in a short, less than half a lifetime outpacing its advancement since the beginning of time. With such a short period of time gone by for the arrival of sexual equality in the Western world, the sense of equality is still evolving and many stigmas from the past eras still exist.

A stigma which is based on common beliefs can change over time. We have seen it often for example the stigma attached to divorced couples in the 1950s is now seen as socially acceptable and in many circles the option for divorce being an absolute necessity.

Working in the high class hospitality industry Anthony Clark began to see a growing need to provide male escort services to women. He opened a non-sexual social male escort agency in Brisbane launching the Brisbane Male Escorts website in December 2012, appearing on the Today and Sunrise morning TV shows across Australia in February 2013.

Since that time market feedback and demands have dictated that he evolve his business and due to high demands Anthony no longer offers agency services. To accommodate the market in June 2013 he began adapting his website to be an affordable vehicle for independent private male escorts to advertise directly to his clients while remaining completely free for clients to search and contact escorts directly.

Proving that there is a market demand in the much smaller, lower income, less liberal city of Brisbane. The statistics and rhetoric outlined this article has inspired him to expand to provide similar services to satisfy the needs and growing demands of the women of Sydney in early July 2013 giving birth to Sydney Male Escorts and more recently Melbourne Male Escorts

Sydney Male Escorts will provide a framework and a vehicle to allow independent male escorts in Sydney to directly upload and maintain photos and details about themselves within the accordance of NSW law and allow potential clients to search for and contact directly their preferred male escort in Sydney free of charge.

Helping satisfy a growing need and demand of clients for male escort services in Sydney whilst providing an affordable vehicle for the Sydney male escorts to ply the trade is a win for the clients, a win for the escorts and a win for the economy as the wealth gets further distributed.

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Male Escorts Sydney The Facts Behind the Boom

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