Male Escort Sydney FAQs

Male Escorts Sydney - male escorts Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it legal to work as a male escort in Sydney?

Yes it is legal in Sydney to work as a male escort. Refer to the SWOP website for more information.

2. Can I offer sexual services?

Anyone over 18 may provide sexual services to a person over the age of consent in exchange for money, goods or favours, as long as they as it is done in accordance with NSW laws and regulations. It is your decision as to the services you offer and provide.

3. What photos can I display?

We suggest you display 5 photos and include at least one each of the following
• Business wear, smart collared shirt and jacket with optional tie
• Smart casual wear, your choice of favorite outfit
• Photo with recognizable facial features
• Beach or gym wear
• Exposed torso

The following cannot be displayed
• Exposed penises (flaccid or erect)
• Exposed vaginas
• Explicit sexual photos

4. What can I say in my profile?

Direct references to the following are allowed
• Drug free environment
• Safe sex / condoms supplied
• HIV & STI status

Direct references to the following are NOT allowed
• Drug related references
• Anal penetration
• Autoerotic asphyxiation

5. How much should I charge?

What you charge is your own decision, do your research on current market prices. It is ok to charge different prices for different services and you can always negotiate prices if you are willing to be flexible.

6. Are my legal rights diminished while acting as a male escort in Sydney?

No you still have all the same legal rights as any Australian citizen. Clients cannot lawfully coerce, blackmail or force you to do anything that you do not want to do.

7. How can I avoid embarrassing situations?

Prior to meeting with the client make sure you ask them what their expectations are and what they want from you. Be very clear and specific about what you will and won’t do.

8. How can I ensure my own (physical) safety?

• Make sure someone knows where you are and provide them with regular updates.
• Avoid meeting people in strange unsafe places.
• Avoid drunk and drug effected clients.
• Follow your gut, if it feels unsafe don’t do it.

9. Where can I find legal advice and support including health issues?

Scarlet Alliance and Sex Workers Outreach Project

10. What are your responsibilities?

• Provide the services you are offering to the best of your ability.
• Make sure your photos and descriptions represent you.
• Do not falsify any information or lie to your clients.
• Remain within the bounds of all local and federal laws.

11. How can I blur my face?

We have found online photo editor PhotoHide works well.


Male Escorts Sydney - Frequently Asked Questions by Sydney Male Escorts

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