Sydney Male Escorts – Miles.

Passion for Miles

About Me

Male Escorts Sydney – Miles

I’m exciting, witty and open-minded with a light-hearted sense of humour. What you will love most about me is my ability to make you feel comfortable quickly and easily.

I’m 5’10”, healthy and fit, with a style and appearance somewhere between Paul Walker and James Franco. I have distracting green eyes and a head of hair that begs to have your hands run through it.

I have a Masters in Acoustics and I’m very well read, but Jazz music is my absolute passion. My goals and ambitions lie more in my musicianship than my career. I love having a quiet night in, ordering food, listening to the greats and connecting with someone for hours. I also have strong passions in motorcycles and good cocktails, wine and food. 

I have worked in a number of industries over the years and the enjoyment I get from giving amazing service in hospitality has led me to offer my time and care to you. I will get the most pleasure from giving you a memorable experience and knowing that you are sincerely appreciative of my time and care.

I am most definitely in the prime of my life. I am happy, fun and comfortable and will make you feel just the same by the end of our time together.



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